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Palm Tree Care - New Installation

Water 5gal. per day for the 1st 30 days 


Fill the mote (bowl) around base of tree with 5 gallons of water or till mote is full.

How often to water

Winter (60 degrees of less) no need to water (5 gallons or till mote is full) 

Spring (75 or less) water palm once a week (5 gallons or till mote is full) 

Beg. of summer (90 or less) 2-3 times a week 

Heat of summer (90) or higher 4-5 times a week


First fertilization should be done one month after palm is installed (Note: Do NOT fertilize in winter) Thereafter palms should be fertilized one week after last freeze(spring) then 6 months after (fall). Make sure the fertilizer you use is a palm food, a regular tree or grass fertilizer may cause growth problems. Spread the fertilizer at base of palm where the water is applied.

* It may take up to a year for some palms to start growing.

Do I need to do anything to protect my palm trees from below freezing temps?

Some palm trees are not as cold hardy as the others.   You can take a old sheet and cover the palm to keep the wind and frost off the fronds. If the fronds brown on your palm it does not mean the palm is dead, most likely it is wind burn. When we have finished with the last frost cut the dead/browned fronds off witch will help the palm push healthier new fronds.

Hours of Operation

Please call to schedule an appointment to view our available Palm Trees and Bamboo. We conduct site visits and are not always available at the office.


New Location

We are located at

1153 Waldon C. Jones Rd.

Johns Island, SC 29455

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