Needle Palmetto

(Rhapidophyllum Hystrix)

The Needle Palmetto is a strong, hardy palm tree. It’s good in cold weather but also likes the Charleston summers. Just keep it away from salt spray and it will thrive!

Needle Palmetto (Rhapidophyllum Hystrix)

Other names: Needle Palm

  • Good but doesn't like salt spray
  • Can handle up to -5F
  • Slow
  • 5 - 10 ft. tall and wide
  • Handles sun and shade well
  • Can handle frequent watering

About the Needle Palmetto:

The Needle Palmetto, also known as the Needle Palm,  is one of the toughest of all palm tree varieties.  The tree clumps and has deep green leaves with long sharp needles that keep it heavily protected.

The tree can grow up to 10 feet tall and wide and mature plants can handle temperatures to -5°F. The tree works well as a single specimen or in grouping with other palm or tree types.

Take note if you live near the water. The Needle Palmetto does not tolerate salt spray. It does like warm moist summers of the Lowcountry. For that reason, the Needle Palmetto Tree is recommended for Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Kiawah SC and surrounding areas.



Caring for your Needle Palmetto

We’ll be adding detailed information for taking care of your Needle Palmetto. For now, though check out our general tips for palm tree care.

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