Pindo Palm

(Butia Capitata)

The Pindo Palm is the heartiest of the feather palm varieties. It’s large size and long fronds give it a very tropical look which can add a unique appearance to your Charleston-area home.

Pindo Palm (Butia capitata)

Other names: Jelly Palm

  • Thrives in the Lowcountry
  • Cold Hardy to 5F
  • Slow - Moderate
  • Up to 20ft.
  • Can handle full sun
  • Salt water tolerant

About the Pindo Palm:

The Pindo Palm Tree, sometimes known as the Jelly Palm, is a hardy feather palm tree variety.

The tree has a large trunk and fronds 6 to 8 feet long. I usually reaches a height of 15-20 feet in most areas although it can reach a height of 30 feet.

It stands up very well to the cold but temperatures below 5 degrees will cause damage.

Due to its large size and long fronds, it makes a nice specimen plant that provides a real tropical look.  For that reason we recommend the Pindo Palm Tree for Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Kiawah SC and surrounding areas.

Caring for your Pindo Palm

We’ll be adding detailed information for taking care of your Pindo Palm. For now, though check out our general tips for palm tree care.

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