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Charleston Area Palm Tree and Bamboo Sales, Installation, and Care.

 Cold Hardy Palms & Bamboo has been serving the Charleston, SC area with high-quality palm trees, bamboo, and tree services at competitive prices since 2007. Our 13 acre farm is located on Johns Island where we grow a wide variety of potted palms and bamboo as well as larger field grown specimens. We work with suppliers throughout the Eastern U.S. and have worked with just about every variety of palm tree and bamboo suitable for the Southeast.

Let us help you transform your home or business’s exterior into a beautiful oasis that can thrive in each of Charleston’s unique seasons. For quotes, or inquiries give us a call or contact us through our website.

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 Installation is running 2-4 weeks out. Possibly sooner depending on your location. Please make an appointment to visit the farm. Thank you for your patience!

Palm Trees

Palm trees fit right in here in the Lowcountry. The right palm tree makes a great addition to any home or business that will last for years to come.  Over the last 30 years, we’ve worked with just about every shape and size of palm tree on the market and we know what works. No matter what look you are going for we’ll be able to help you select the perfect palm (or group of palms) for your next project. For more information on palm tree sales, installation, and the different varieties of palms available check out our Palm Trees page:

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Bamboo, one of the world’s most versatile plants, just so happens to thrive here in South Carolina. That’s a good thing for Charleston residents as this versatility provides a ton of stylish, durable options for taking advantage of bamboo. From privacy fences to Japanese-style hidden gardens we’ve built it all. Want to learn more about how you can use live bamboo in your home or office? Check your our Bamboo page and start exploring the possibilities:

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Tree Transplanting & Installation

In addition to our palm tree and bamboo sales, we specialize in transplanting and installing all varieties of trees. If you find yourself moving to the other side of the Charleston area or just want your favorite tree moved from the front yard to the backyard, let us help you make sure the tree gets there safe and sound and is set up to thrive in its new home. For more information head over to our Tree Transplanting and Installation page:

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