Palmetto Tree

(Sabal Palmetto)

The Palmetto Tree is everywhere in South Carolina. It lines city streets, surrounds doorways, and even sits under a crescent moon on the state flag. All of this is for good reason, the Palmetto Tree is perfect for the Lowcountry climate and would be a great addition to your home or business.

Palmetto Tree (Sabal palmetto)

Other names: Cabbage Palm, Palmetto, Cabbage Palmetto, Blue Palmetto, Carolina Palmetto, Common Palmetto, Swamp Cabbage

  • Perfect for Charleston
  • Cold Hardy to 5F
  • Slow
  • Normally 30 ft.
  • Can handle full sun
  • Needs water twice a month

About the Palmetto Tree:

The Palmetto Tree goes by many names. It is one of the most popular palm tree varieties in the Lowcountry. It is the state tree for a reason!

This palm is commonly seen along the coastal regions of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. It usually grows to about 30 feet and can take temperatures down to 5°F.

One of the reasons the Palmetto Tree is so popular in the Charleston area is because it is one of the best palms to give a tropical look to your home or business.


The tree was famously used as a barrier against cannon fire in the Revolutionary War. That toughness shouldn’t be surprising as the tree stands up to hurricanes better than any other tree.

It might be obvious but we highly recommend the Palmetto Tree for Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Kiawah SC and surrounding areas.


Caring for your Palmetto Tree

We’ll be adding detailed information for taking care of your Palmetto Tree. For now, though check out our general tips for palm tree care.

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